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Understanding Berlin’s Pink Pipes with @Berlinstagram

To view more photos and videos of the pink pipes in Berlin, browse the #thatpipeagain hashtag and follow @berlinstagram on Instagram

Berlin is one big swamp—or at least it used to be. Distinctive pink pipes twist through the city to the nearest river or canal. As groundwater levels are very high, this prevents the city from submerging into a giant puddle.

The pipes are designed to withstand shrinkage or breakage in extreme temperatures, and the distinct pink color is the result of a study which found this color is preferred by both youth and older generations who are young at heart. Berlin Instagrammer Michael Schulz (@berlinstagram) created the #thatpipeagain hashtag to capture them. “The pink pipes are quite iconic for Berlin,” he says. “When I first visited the city 20 years ago and came across them, I was fascinated and irritated at once—and those pipes stuck to my mind as a characteristic thing of the city.” Now, people all over Berlin use the hashtag to spark conversation about the pink pipes and capture them from different angles throughout the city.

How interesting is this?

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